A Week at the Bali House

12/16 - 12/23

Samantha woke up feeling even worse this morning. She could barely move her knees and wrists. We decided to stay for a week at Laurel's guest house so that she can recover in relative comfort. We…

Reflecting on Life and the End of Life 

I see a large part of the process of songwriting as experiencing the world, and processing it emotionally so that you can condense it into a relatively clear concept that then communicates those experiences. As a songwriter (and probably…

The Next Two Days

Day 6 - 12/14

The next morning I woke up feeling a bit sore, my wrists and knees weren't feeling so good. Maybe the bed needed just a little more padding. We decided to gather a bit more grass…

Relax Day

Day 5 - 12/13

The next morning we woke up to sunshine and water in our tank. Our hopes were up that we wouldn't have to buy more emergency water. We decided to take a day to relax, kick…

Fourth Day of Camping

Day 4 – 12/12

We slept better in our slightly softer bed, but it still wasn't as soft as we'd have liked. The guys came again to finish their clearing job. The jungle was beginning to look a little…

Our Jungle Home - Day Three

Our jungle home 12/11

We had a marginally better nights sleep, it was a bit softer but still too sloped. I spent the morning gathering more grass and trying to make the bed level while Mike finally got some…

Camping - Day Two

Our Block – Day 2 - 12/11

We didn't sleep too well the first night. The ground was hard and we felt like we were sliding down slope the whole night. We obviously hadn't leveled the ground as much…

Into the Bush

Goodbye Resort!

12/09 Koro Island, Camping on Our Land - Day 1 

This journey is not my journey alone. My wife Samantha and I travel this road together, and this is really our story, so at this point

Last 2 Days at the Resort

12/06 Koro Island, Dere Bay Resort

Today we found out that it takes one hour to walk straight to our land. We spent the day out there getting our shelter in order and beginning our education on jungle 'bush-craft'.…

The Long Walk

12/05 Koro Island, Dere Bay Resort

We walked up to our land today for the first time and it took 2 hours. Well, we don't really know how long it takes because we stopped and met several people on…

Lovo Time

12/04 Koro Island, Dere Bay Resort

Today was Friday, and we decided to stick around the resort and get a bunch of computer work (including this journal) done at the resort's little 'power station'. Unfortunately we didn't get much…

Journey to our Land

12/03 Koro Island, the Resort, and Checking out the Land

Our second morning here we went up to finally see our land. 

When Samantha decided 4 years ago to buy a piece of property on a tiny island…