Performance Reviews

"The complete entertainment package. We left feeling happy and uplifted"
-Steph, audience member (Humph Hall - Sydney, AU)

"Mike is the consummate entertainer. Great songwriting teams with superb musicianship -impeccable timing, dynamics, and great showmanship. So much energy as well as quiet subtlety
-Peter Lino (Home Made Jams, AU) 

"Between his highly-charged vocals and non-stop movement, there’s absolutely
no way you’re going to sit or stand still. On top of that, he had some downright aggressive
harmonica action going on that was inspiring."


                     -Ian Kuo, (The Status Kuo)                                   

“His collaboration with local musicians demonstrates the power
of cross-cultural exchanges on sparking creativity.” 

                     -Courtney Donovan Smith (Compass Magazine) 

"…the new generational voice of the blues in Taiwan."
                      -DC Rapier, Blues Society on Taiwan (founder)