The Journey

Welcome friends, family and fans! This is where you come to join me on my adventure. 

New Music Videos!

I've been doing a ton of video editing lately, and here are two new ones thematically related. "Dissolve" is inspired from a Winston Churchill short horror story called "Man Overboard" which is how I often feel. "Underground" is about feeling…Read more

Cyclone Winston - Surviving a near death experience

It's been a long time since I posted anything to this journal. There's been a lot to document, and honestly the near death experience we went through was very emotional and very difficult to process, and I've unfortunately always been a…

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A Moment of Tranquility

It was wonderful to be out of the city and back in our beautiful jungle. The next two days we worked on organizing our new supplies and improving our camp. Finally we had our camp set up perfectly, we were…

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Dreaded Suva Supply Run

We dreaded the trip to Suva to get supplies and materials for our workshop. From our idyllic, jungle home to threading through throngs of people and playing Frogger with city buses and taxis. The morning after arriving in Fiji's industrial…Read more

Plans, Progress, and Rocky's Sacrifice

It's been nice having the time to put more effort into our block. Laural gave us a bunch of ornamental cuttings and some stuff for the garden. Our neighbors across the way, Alex and Isa, offered to let us have a…

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Chooks and Chainsaws

I've been talking about catching one of the bush chickens for dinner at some point and it appears that now I have an open opportunity, although I'm not sure I'll be able to do it. We've been adopted by what's…

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The Challenges of Life in the Jungle

It's been a huge learning experience out here. Every day there's so much new to learn. Probably the biggest challenge is that we've been spending so much time trying to make our camp more comfortable that we've had relatively little…

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Is this reality?

Lately I've been feeling like we're on a reality TV show. I'm sitting here tending the fire to cook cassava, the local root vegetable. We're in the middle of the South Pacific on a small tropical island, in a camp…

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Back in the Wilderness Camp

Our first day back was good, aside from the mozzies. Lewai made a wall and finished up some benches in the “living room”.  We put up our mozzie net and made a little refuge. We made a big meal of…

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Lost in the Wilderness?

Sunday I left Samantha at the Bali House and navigated a little trail through the jungle to visit Lewai's family settlement. Between Lewai and his brothers there are a couple of carpenters and a contractor with tools we can rent.…

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